Camera IP

Camera IP

The fight against COVID-19 involves the implementation of detection solutions to ensure that the virus does not spread within the company. The IP camera is equipped with a technology allowing:

  • Body thermal detection
  • Identify non-compliance with safety distances
  • Identify non-compliance with mask
  • Count the number of people present in spaces

Our partnerships with some camera IP manufacturers have enabled us to integrate, test and validate compatible systems with Crystal suite.

Body thermal detection

A camera that can be placed at the entrance of buildings or strategic spaces to identify any abnormal body heat. Employees can thus be checked as they wish by placing themselves in a delimited location. The data is not saved in any database and the IP camera only takes into consideration employees who are placed in a demarcated and announced area. By coupling the solution with digital signage, you will be able to send your employees the right steps to follow.

Identify non-compliance with safety distances

IP cameras can be equipped with intelligent analysis and detect non-respected safety distances, for example in queues. This data will not be recorded and will alert via dynamic display screens of a risky situation to encourage your employees to comply with new safety instructions.

Identify non-compliance with mask

IP cameras can also analyze and detect people wearing mask or not for spaces whose wearing of the mask is compulsory. Again, this data will not be saved and will simply allow information to be distributed to employees who do not have a mask via the dynamic display screens in order to encourage them to comply with the instructions.



Counting employees in spaces provides a better understanding of occupancy in real time and ensures that the maximum space capacity is not exceeded.


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Sensors & connected signage


Sensors and connected signage are useful to fight the virus through space reservations automation and status synchronization into Crystal suite.


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