Counting employees in spaces provides a better understanding of occupancy in real time and ensures that the maximum space capacity is not exceeded:

  • Temporarily prohibit access if capacity limits are exceeded
  • Dynamic orientation
  • Workspace statistics & occupancy rate

Access management

The counters will get useful data regarding spaces occupancy situation and their maximum authorized capacity. If the capacity is exceeded, then digital signage screens will relay the information and temporarily prevent access to the spaces.

Dynamic orientation

Depending on spaces occupancy, digital signage will have to dynamically redirect collaborators or avoid any crowded spaces. The combination of counters and digital signage is a powerful orientation solution.


Workspace statistics & occupancy rate

Counting provides useful data to better understand the building and space occupation rate. Optimizing square meters requires a good understanding of its workspace environment.

Camera IP


The fight against COVID-19 involves the implementation of detection and recognition solutions to ensure that the virus does not spread within the company. The IP camera is equipped with video analysis software to identify different risks of contamination.


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Sensors & connected signage


Sensors and connected signage are useful to fight the virus through space reservations automation and status synchronization into Crystal suite.



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