Sensors & connected signage

Sensors & connected signage

Sensors and connected signage are very useful to fight the virus through space reservations automation and status synchronization:

  • Automatic space and signage reservation;
  • Toilet occupancy and connected signage;
  • Meeting rooms and automatic check-in.

Automatic space reservation and signage

Sensors can be used for automatic space reservation, without the need for employees to do any action. This technology can be compatible with Outlook / Gmail tools and linked to connected signage indicating LED colour occupancy status.

Toilet occupancy and connected signage

In order to avoid any unnecessary movement, especially if the traffic directions within the company are imposed, presence detection in the toilets makes it possible to display occupation signage outside to indicate toilet occupancy status in real time.


Meeting rooms and automatic check-in.

Like for automatic space reservation, automatic check-in of a reservation in progress can be carried out by simple detection of presence in the space and thus avoid contact with touch pads.

Camera IP


The fight against COVID-19 involves the implementation of detection and recognition solutions to ensure that the virus does not spread within the company. The IP camera is equipped with video analysis software to identify different risks of contamination.


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Counting employees in spaces provides a better understanding of occupancy in real time and ensures that the maximum space capacity is not exceeded.



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