Touch application limitation

Touch application limitation

The new health crisis means limiting physical contact with touch screens. To replace these applications with contactless solutions, Crystal offers new functionalities to compensate the limitation of contact with displays:

  • Booking & check-in with QR-Code
  • Automatic check-in with motion sensors & connected signage
  • Tablet & kiosk readapted

Booking & check-in with QR-Code

Booking a space has never been easier than with the QR-Code. Each space will be affiliated with a QR-Code which can be scanned on site via the collaborator’s smartphone to:

  • Book a space;
  • Check the reservation.

Automatic check-in with motion sensors & connected signage

The automatic inclusion of a space or instant booking can also be managed by presence detectors. The collaborator will only have to settle in the space to validate its occupation.

Tablet & kiosk readapted

As tablets and interactive kiosks can no longer be tactile, they can be used to display meeting information, exceptional capacity limitations, reminders of health instructions or orientation information.