Risk alert contamination

Alert of a propagation risk

To fight the virus and its propagation, digital signage & detection systems are very useful to prevent any risk of contamination and to avoid transmission. Detection has a real impact on the contamination reduction if digital signage communication is properly adjusted on each risk alert :

Space access signage
No compliance communication

Access management

Digital signage can be used for managing access into building or workspace. Combined with other solution such as counters, detection systems or sensors, digital signage will adapt its messages and content to allow collaborators to enter or not.

No compliance communication

Digital signage coupled with detection system can be used for smart communication to ensure your collaborators will respect new health security rules. Digital signage will dynamically change its content regarding the no compliance situation.

Contamination alert

Detection system can be helpful to detect anormal body temperature in the strategic location of your building and workspace. Digital signage will have different content and messages to display regarding the detection result. Totally customizable and centrally managed, alert communication will be easy to manage.

Inform of COVID-19 barrier gestures


The health crisis and its new regulations require to have strong preventive campaign to your collaborators within your workspace. For an effective preventive campaign of barrier gestures within your organization, our Crystal suite has been adapted and give you some tools for informing your collaborators about barrier gesture.


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Warn of internal rules


Health regulations requested by all governments and international organizations have changed internal workspace rules in companies & institutions. To respect new processes, new rules & orientation, customize your digital signage content to align it with the use case to advert it to your collaborators.


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